Unlike many larger firms, you will deal directly with an attorney.  If you need an experienced, trained, legal professional to represent you then please contact us today for a free consultation.


Literally thousands of clients have received the benefits of Mr. Zortman’s training and experience in matters ranging from complex business litigation to simple criminal charges.  Mr. Zortman has had the opportunity to take both criminal and civil matters to trial.   If your case needs to be appealed, rest assured that Mr. Zortman is familiar with Florida’s courts of appeal and would be more than happy to discuss any appellate work that you may require.


All clients are treated with respect, dignity, and concern.  The number-one priority for any lawyer should be to keep his or her clients fully informed.  As a client, you should feel comfortable picking up the telephone and speaking directly with the attorney in charge of your case.  Unfortunately, attorneys have a poor reputation for being difficult to contact.  We return calls quickly and are available on a twenty-four hour basis.


The most aggressive legal strategies are often not the most effective.  Most clients hope to accomplish their legal goals in a cost effective manner.  Therefore, being able to recognize a client’s primary purpose and then developing a cost effective method for achieving that purpose becomes extremely important.  We offer a free initial consultation and we  would be more than happy to explain; any costs that may be associated with your case, whether it is possible to recover your attorney’s fees, whether your case can be handled on a contingency fee basis, and any other matters which might be relevant to your hiring of an attorney.  If you ultimately decide to hire us we offer payment plans and accept credit cards.

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